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Bingo News

Bingo News – Worldwide revival of bingo Over the past few years we have seen that the game of bingo has seen a major revival from the days when it was beginning to be thought of as a boring and unpopular game. The game itself now has seen great amounts of redevelopment in recent years […]

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Internet Poker Games

Online Poker Games – Internet Online Poker is one of the most played games around the world today and has seen a great increase in popularity of the past few years due to the emergence of the online poker service as well as the mobile poker service. Although these services have been great for the […]

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Bingo Game Rules

Bingo Game Rules Online bingo has become one of the most popular games to be played on the internet today with thousands new players joining in the fun each day as well as the millions of returning players who fulfil their gaming needs each day. For players who are new to the way bingo is […]

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Roulette Games

Roulette Games Players must allow time for the other bets such as all red or black are collected before they take their own winnings as this eliminates the chance of confusion. Once the dealer has indicated no more bets it is not allowed for players to touch or move their chips or indeed add more […]

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Poker Prizes

We publish the latest choice of Poker Prizes on offer in the world of Poker gaming. The team at Ice Casino only publish the lastest types of Poker Prizes available online, this information is available to all of our Readers, free of charge. Please revisit shortly, as we are currently reviewing a wide selection of […]

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Bingo Prizes

We publish the latest array of Bingo Prizes on offer online, from Holidays, Vouchers and much more to choose from. Although we acknowledge that Cash Prizes are the main way to Win at Bingo, the Team at Ice Casino have noticed that some of the Bingo game providers, are now offering a Diverse selection of […]

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Bingo Offers

The Team at Ice Casino will be publishing the latest Bingo offers here shortly. We aim to provide the latest Bingo Special Offers and Bingo Promotions free of charge to our online readers. 8 Tips for playing bingo games 1. Like with many things in life practice makes perfect and this can also be said […]

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Poker Tournaments

We select the Best Online Poker Tournaments available online, we duly publish for our Online readers free of charge. We are currently reviewing the 2012 poker game providers, to ensure we offer the latest Poker Tournament news. Please Revisit soon for more details. Poker Hands – Poker Tournaments What are trouble hands in Poker We […]

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Bingo Game Types

The Bingo Game Types vary with the actual bingo game provided, however the team at Ice Casino have compiled a simple Bingo game guide to assist new players that are entering the Bingo games world. Typical Bingo Game types have been listed below, these are considered the most played. 1. 90 Ball Bingo Games 2. […]

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Poker Hands

Poker Card Game Hands There are over 2.5 Million types of Poker hands available within a typical game of poker. Straight flush – This is when a card hand holds five typical cards in a set sequence. Four of a kind – This relates to holding four cards of one type. Full house – This […]

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